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LIA - A Light-based Interactive Avatar
LIA is a manifestation of video art with computer and telecommunications technologies.

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LIA was conceived in order to explore the interactive possibilities afforded by responsive virtual entities.
LIA is not is an agent. LIA does have agency, however, in that LIA chooses how to respond to a given interaction. LIA’s actions are in no way fixed, nor can they be dictated or often predicted.
LIA has autonomy: LIA has a unique personality, which in turn dictates LIA’s response to each and every encounter.
LIA is an avatar: a visible manifestation of an abstract concept. LIA’s underlying abstraction is based on the science of corpus linguistics and centres on the parsing of messages for emotive content.
LIA is a cybernetic entity: LIAs behaviour is fixed and predictable only until an individual initiates an interaction in a manner that LIA recognises. LIA will then respond in what LIA considers to be an appropriate manner.
LIA is affective: Using a universally-recognised mechanism for the communication of affect, LIA’s own responses are emotionally appropriate.
LIA exists within the telecommunication infrastructure and internet. Communication with LIA is via Short Message Service (SMS).


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