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forthcoming Events

Nov. 24-25 2005 chindogu challenge (scrapcomp callenge 3, Lancaster) - EPSRC-LeonardoNet sponsored hackfest. See the Chindogu Challenge "Extreme Unuseless Prototyping Event" website here.
April - October 2005 METAmorphosis (lancaster/ullverston) - an extended collaboration with the genius that is welfare state international. Thanx to Tom Loyd for his perseverance and patience and Dan and Hannah Fox. This collaboration was made possible with a grant from the Friends Programme at Lancaster University.
May (ongoing) 2005 eCampus Underpass project (Lancaster) - interactive, large-scale, big screen, little people collaborative performance space. METAMORPHOSIS will be the first interactive installation in the underpass and will run for one month. This will also include free workshops with Welfare State International - read about these here. For more info on the ecampus project, visit http://ecampus.lancs.ac.uk See pix of the construction work on the underpass here.
June 2005 (ongoing) Leonardo-net (UK) - involved in the EPSRC HCI and the Arts consortium
April (ongoing) emergent objects (UK) - involved in the AHRB Design for the 21st Century Cluster.
Sept. 4th - 7th 2005 DRH2005 (Lancaster) - interactive installations at Digital Resources for the Humanities 2005. Info on the 2004 conference here
July 26/27 2005 vicky harper (Lancaster) - collaboration with performance studies student Vicky Harper at the Nuffield Theatre.
June 2005 creative stew (the north) - our interview published in REVOLVE, a new publication that focuses on art in the northwest of england. thanx to brilliant and crazy publishers :)
May 2005 brewery arts centre (Kendal) - Kirlian Table exhibited at "Evidence" exhibition at the brewery arts centre in Kendal.
May 19 2005 FACT (Liverpool) - Keynote address at Leonardo meeting.
Nov. 13 2004 out-of-lab experience (Lancaster) - iPong and (Re)Skinning Andrine workshops at folly. Come to folly to find out about how an eye tracker works and play Pong with your friends. Then learn how to create an SMS avatar that you can reskin to your own face! for more info: contact folly.
Autumn 2004 underground uk music festival (location to be SMSd) - interactive visuals.
November 10 guest lecture - (Preston) University of Central Lancashire - thanks to Gavin Sim, Janet Read and the HCI class at UCLAN for inviting us to talk and demo our work. Fab students here and we can't wait to hear more about your HCI work.
November 5, 6 2004 no one opens attachments anymore (Lancaster) - you missed a magical two day hands on workshop & conference in collaboration with folly new media centre and part of KIT and Robert Saucier's Infrasense exibition. Congrats to this year's winners of the Scrapheap Computing Challenge cup "TickleBot". We hope to have pix and stuff online soon. You can still catch Infrasense at folly until December 6th.
October 17 & November 7th 2004

Cabinpressure (the cabin, Liverpool) - Safe landing. Thanks to the Cabin, Stimuleye and DJ and Nicholas Villar for all of your poochie help.

June 2004 planet angel (London) - we just want to thank the peeps at planet angel for encouraging interactive arts in clubs. we didn't exhibit our work here but we sure danced our arses off.
April 2004 pixelraiders (Sheffield) - we went, did you? http://www.pixelraiders.org.
March 12 - April 12 members exhibition (Lancaster) - kirlian table on display at curated exhibition at folly.
March 2004 d-frost (Doncaster) - exhibiting projections in and around the city during the D-Frost festival.
February 2004 out-of-lab experience (Leeds) - we held a workshop in Leeds to teach people how to Pooch-up their own projects. The outcome was absolutely amazing! Thanks to the organizer Alice Bayliss, Lecturer in Drama at the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds, Bretton Hall, West Bretton, Wakefield.
November 27 2003 nuffield theatre (Lancaster) - exhibition of Bronwen, ASCII Me and Hands of Fate in the foyer of Nuffield Theatre before a performance event.
November 22 & 23 chiasma (Lancaster) - participating in Hester Reeve's performance on the Castle grounds which is being streamed live on the web and in galleries in Australia, China, Canada and Italy. part of http://www.livevancouver.bc.ca/
November 11 nuffield theatre (Lancaster) - exhibition of Kirlian Table, LIA and Milk during DJing & performance event at Nuffield Theatre.
October 21 2003 out-of-lab experience (Doncaster College, Doncaster) - held a workshop at doncaster college to teach people how to Pooch-up their own projects.
July 11th 2003 lancaster international film and new media festival (the garden, folly) - presenting Hands of Fate on opening night from 7pm. http://www.lancaster-film-festival.co.uk
June 27-29
1st international conference of performance art and technology - (Doncaster College, Doncaster). Thanks to the hardworking group at Doncaster for hosting one of the best conferences we've ever had the privilege of attending! The conference aimed to explore, debate and demonstrate the potential creative opportunities that can exist between performance arts and digital technologies. We presented information about the Innovative Interactions lab at Lancaster University and the associated research activities of relevance to the digital and performing arts community. Pix here
June 6th
The Dome
<BLINK>(Morecambe) - a solid night of sound and visual fusion. We presented Hands of Fate, Seasonal Adjustment, Vortex, Bronwyn and Andrine, and shared space with acts from Japan (Arch) and the UK (Socket). Also, several VJs filled in the gaps with some good vibes. Many thanks to Folly for managing the event, to the Computing Department at Lancaster University for sponsoring us, Promote, Tom Lloyd and to Lancaster City Council for supporting the event.
Jan. 24
folly launch party - (Lancaster) invited to contribute to the Folly Launch party. Presented presencebronwen and schmorg-a-scope
August 20 - 22 2002 ruskin gallery exhibition - (Lancaster) presentation of latest tech demos, including Bronwyn, ARToolkit & LIA. Ruskin Link Special thanks to Mr. Stephen Wildman.
May 10
Art-Cels performance party - @ Town Hall, Lancaster UK. Thanks to the performers, the Computing Department at Lancaster Uni, Lora Caroll at Folly, Lee Engineering, Carelton Catering, Town Hall, DJ Brains and Rob Gear, Tom Lloyd Projections & Crew, Josh & Lynda @ clubdecor, xybernaut, digital media labs and the audience! See pix of the party here: [..Flash version..] [..HTML version..]. The official art-cels site is http://www.art-cels.com
May 9
Homopolybots: Building Modular Humans - Workshop with Stelarc @ Lancaster University. The Homopolybots workshop brought together university researchers and artists from around the UK to discuss particular problems and questions associated with creating modular humans. Discussions focused on how future research must address issues that are realistic and that serve to enhance human motion, communication and understanding. Our honored speaker was Stelarc http://www.stelarc.va.com.au/, world renowned performance artist.
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