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Simon Lock
background in computer systems "persuasion"; working on agents, interaction, tools and techniques; specializes in imaginative interfaces and novel interaction


Stewart Kember
background in illustration and freelance artworks; working on tools for art and artists; specialises in electronic gadgettery and interactive visuals
Jennifer g. Sheridan
background in computer graphics, Human-Computer Interaction design and rhetoric; working on sensor-based interacton and wearable computing; specialises in presentation and performance
Peter Phillips
background in photography and desktop publishing; working on everything, and getting everything working; specialises in networking and systems
  Dorothy rachovides
background infotainment and multimedia based training; working on gestural based human-computer interaction; specialises in being interested in too many things and creating chaos
Adam Lindsay
background audio and video; working on formalisms tagging audio/ visual data; specialises in the avant garde (and audio and video)
honorary members
jen allanson
background 3D design and fine art; working on sensor-based interaction especially that based on detectable physiology (brain sigs, heart rate, resp rate etc); specialises in visualizations and manifestations
background (failed) science fiction author, advanced interfaces to database systems; working on the use of electronic patient records and making a contribution to the work of the group; specialises in seeking synergism between art and "useful" technology
Hester Reeve
performance artist extrodinaire
Both muse and inspiration. Also seen occasionally at past events. Hopes to become involved in future thePooch work


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