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Andrine is a virtual personality who reacts to messages sent to her by various mechanisms (for example via SMS). Quicktime movie

She uses an array of facially expressions to portray her emotions when reacting to the content of received messages.
Andrine can be displayed or projected onto any suitable surface, be it for shared use in public areas or private use on a personal device.
She has a lexicon of over 6000 words which she uses to interpret incoming messages. Each word is partitioned into one of 30 lexicon classifications - including Dislike, Calm, Violent, Angry, Happy and Sad. Each of these classifications are then mapped to the 8 emotions provided by Andrine: Happy, Sad, Angry, Shocked, Laughing, Suggestive, Disgusted, Annoyed.
A standard, generic lexicon was first used for classifying words. This was later extended to include some domain specific words and some shorthands (e.g. thx, gr8 etc). In addition to this basic lexical categorisation, Andrine also performs the negation of emotions when the following appear in a message: not, won't, can't, don't, isn't, none, non, no etc.
Andrine was initially conceived and developed by Simon Lock and Lesley Peate. Andrine is built using Java 1.3 and the Java Media Framework. The initial lexicon was provided by: University Centre For Computer Corpus Research On Language Potential future uses of Andrine include: Summarising web pages and e-mails, reacting to mood music, presentation of mental states.

For more info, read: Lock, S., Rayson, P., Allanson, J. Personality Engineering for Emotional Interactive Avatars. In Proceedings of HCI International 2003, Crete, Greece.


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