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: the challenge :

Leonardo Net clusters are invited to come together to compete in a unique and fearsome battle for Chindogu supremecy! This is your chance to participate in the most exciting research to come out of HCI since task analysis.

: how it works :

Chindogu Challenge takes place on November 23th and 24th at InfoLab21 at Lancaster University in Lancaster England. On the first day, teams made up from the various clusters (and put together by the organising committee) will be given a challenge that is specific to HCI and covering the theme of Chindogu. Teams will be given one day (about 5 hours) to build a solution to the challenge using the materials and equipment provided or that they can find. A panel of judges, including external experts, will evaluate the solutions and give each team an overall score. Teams must out-smart the competition and will be evaluated on a number of creative and practical criteria as well as the tenets of Chindogu. Experts will be on site to offer their advice and support to teams.

: trophy :

At the end of the challenge, the scores will be tallied and then the winning team will be awarded the coveted ScrapComp Challenge Cup. Previous winners include .:thePooch:. (ScrapComp Challenge) and Dave Molyneaux and the TickleBot (No One Opens Attachments Anymore). The winning team will have their name engraved on the cup which will be displayed in InfoLab21.

: judges :

This year's judges include winners of previous challenges plus experts in the fields of Computing, Design, Visual Art and the Humanities.

: schedule (subject to change) :

Wednesday November 23th
10:15 Meet & Greet & Intro Tea & Coffee and description of challenge
11:00 Breakout Groups meet in meeting rooms and begin design discussion
12:00 YODAlopes Groups choose their YODA points
13:00 Lunch  
17:00 Presentations Groups return to main meeting room for the Big Up & Boast Off
18:00 Jugding Judges award points and trophy to winners
Thursday November 24th
09:30 Morning tea Tea & Coffee in large meeting room
10:00 Progress Reports
Chair: Peter Wright
Artwork progress reports from clusters
Threshold: Nick Bryan-Kinns
SIAS: Nick Bryan-Kinns
Slow Time: Alan Dix
IDE Art: Chris Newell
Poi-Hyperphysical: Jenn Sheridan
Literary Fridge: Mark Blythe
Audio-object desk: Mark Blythe
Phone in the post: Ann Light
Squirrel: David England
12:00 Discussion of artwork Discussion of projects described above.

Lunch & Walk

Lunch and walk to the underpass to see system working with Metamorphosis and Music Sound Toys.
13:45 Key research working groups
Chair: Alan Dix

What do we see as the research challenges, questions or possibilities that are emerging at the intersection of arts and HCI that could feed into our report to the EPSRC about a research programme beyond the end of Leonardo?

14:45 Groups report back
Chair: Alan Dix
Each working group report back 5 minutes each.

Chair: Janet Finlay

Discussion about  workshops, exhibition and plans for final year.
16:15 Close and refreshments Chow!

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